Build your photo wall: Everyone loves a beautiful photo wall, am I right? We search Pinterest, Google, scout out our friends gallery walls, instinctivly gravitate to the frame isles at Micheals. I love my photo wall and have been asked many times how I made it. I got all the frames at Micheals Craft Store, and they are the ones made of plastic, not glass. I  knew they would hang low on the wall near my pool table so glass was not an option. The frame sizes are 12x24 and 24x36, my husband hung them and I have no idea how they are so straight... I call it the Mike Miracle. 

Shoot details: I am offering a package to get your own gallery wall up and running! I will be opening a photo studio next door to my salon mid September (insert dancing). I am super excited and plan to transform the studio into a comfortable home atmosphere for candid lifestyle sessions for your children. My plan will be to hold a session each month September through January with a "theme" for each month. I will have events like a feather pillow fight, jumping on the bed, craft time, portrait, sword fight, mom & me, Christmas pajama's, Valentine cookie decorating, the list goes on! These will be short, no stress shoots for the kids. I want to catch your child how you see them at home, silly, probably dressed funny, happy, wild and real. Torn jeans, rubber boots, the cape they wont take off, chonies, sisters high heels, that stinking tutu that you keep hiding but somehow she finds it.

What you will receive: Each shoot you will chose 5 photos, the chosen files will be fully edited, retouched and emailed to you after the shoot each month. Remember these are mini shoots with only 50 or so shots to look through making it a quick & easy to choose. If you find yourself wanting an extra file on some months, that is fine, you can purchase additional digitals or print products at that time. At the end of the 6 months you will have 30 beautiful and dynamic images to complete your photo wall and holiday needs. 

Investment: The build your photo wall package is $450. This amount includes the the photographers time and talent, multiple studio set ups, and 30 digital images. You may break the cost into two payments of $225. The first payment due before September 15th, the second due November 1st. If you pay in full before September 15th I will be including a complimentary new custom Facebook cover photo each month with the email containing your digital files(example pictured below). This cost breaks down to only $75.00 per session, a steal by any standards and the perfect way to cover all your mini session needs through the new year, including Fall, Christmas and Valentines Day. Siblings are welcome at no additional cost.