Meet the photographer...

          Hi there, first off let me introduce myself. My name is Tammy Porter, I am a wife, mother, and the face behind The Porter's Wife Photography. I began my adult life as a hairdresser at 18, opening my own salon in 2003. My love of photography came later with the birth of my first son, Mason. I had no idea that when I opened the gift of my camera from my husband on Christmas that I was un-wrapping my future. I fell hard and fast for photography, making quick work of reading and learning all I could. I knew what I wanted to see in my images and was not going to stop until I achieved it. 

          By the birth of my second son Maverick, I was confident in my abilities and ready to take another step in my photography journey. I began looking online for groups and forums to join, that is when I found Pretty Presets. I was welcomed into the group and quite honestly in a whirlwind, fell into instant friendships with many members of the group. Then something amazing happened. People liked my photos, really liked them. Not like when your mom has to say it's pretty. Strangers loved my photos, mainly of my boys, because that is mainly what I shoot. 

          My love of all things beautiful spilled into decorating my home, and others loved that too. I began to really enjoy explaining how I achieved a certain look to my photos, through the decoration of my house, and through learning the abilities of the camera. I found that I had things to share, and that others wanted to hear. In 2015 the owners of the Pretty group I was part of offered me a role mentoring and mediating online for their company. They saw something I me that I was only beginning to see in myself, my ability to connect with others and teach my style of craft. Looking back I am overwhelmed with emotion, and looking forward I am filled with excitement. 

          I am expanding my role at Pretty, still running my salon, photographing others children in hopes of keeping them little forever, and mothering two littles 24 hours a day. If I really had to write down all the tasks and roles we play daily as mothers I don't physically think it's possible to get it all done... that is why I believe in magic, because how else do we do it? 

          I am looking to the future with hope and confidence, and just recently began work on my own small photography studio. I am always looking for ways to paint children in a real and true light through candid photography. Hopefully this gift will expand and take on new shape in my up-coming space. 

In that magic time found somewhere between my to-do list and sleepwalking I get together with a small but powerful group of friends who have loved me unconditionally, lifted me on their wings, and quite literally shoved me onto my path. They are made of sunshine and all things beautiful, and they make my life a better place. 

          This photo always makes me smile, it was the moment the boys realized the magazine they were holding contained photos of them, and not only photos of them, but ones that mom had taken. This was my first photo publication in Pretty Magazine A Resource For Growing Photographers. Not only were there 4 pages of my heart between those covers, but also an article written by yours truly. I was nervous and excited, and honestly loved every minute of it! 

          Riding the wave of excitement I felt writing for Pretty Magazine, I submitted more images to other photography magazines that I enjoyed reading. As if in a dream, I received an email from Mozi Magazine asking for additional images and an article to accompany them. This was my second publication, and it felt amazing. 

          Pictured below are a few of the blog articles I have written for Pretty Presets, and some advertisement that have featured my photos.